New file hosting setup

I’ve changed the download locations for SSC to share a folder rather than individual links. Makes it easier for updates etc. This was partly prompted by some issues with the previous installation as well.
Any issues let me know.

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SSC 1.5.2 bugfix

I found that the SSC was failing due to invalid characters again while visiting ‘* tet02 Orionis C’. I’ve put additional checks in to remove those before trying to create subdirectories if required.

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SSC 1.5.1 – A few tweaks

1.5.1 adds the choice of having your commander name and ship type as part of your saved image and video names. %c for Commander and %z for ship (with %C and %Z for capitalised versions).
Also changed the way the Journal file is read to make it more robust.

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SSC 1.5.0 Planet Navigation update

I realised that the planet navigation was assuming a planet radius would be input despite it saying it was optional. Fixed that.

You might notice that the version number has skipped one. Yeah, lost one somewhere…..

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SSC 1.4.8 update for new event (Alien Encounter)

I had my own encounter with Aliens this morning and found when trying to save the video that the SSC errored.  This was caused by the SSC app getting confused by a new event in the player Journal called SystemsShutDown caused by the Alien (Thargoid?) pulling the ship from a jump.  I’ve made changes to make that more robust.

You can find the download link in the Changelog.

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SSC 1.4.7 – minor bug fix

Just a small change for 1.4.7. I’ve updated the code around minimising the application to the notification area if that’s what’s been selected in the options. Double-clicking on the notification area icon will also hide/reveal the application.

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SSC 1.4.6 available

As per the request from Andrea you can now play with the compression level for jpg images in 1.4.6

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SSC 1.4.5 available

The new version has a fix for the creation of sub-directories that I introduced in the version for E: D 2.2. Sorry about that.
Also there is the planet navigation option (consider it as needing some testing).

As requested I’ve started looking at the options around specifying the compression factor on jpg images saved. A small test program is working fine but at the moment it’s not working when integrated into the SSC. Not sure why, but when I have it fixed I’ll release another update.

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SSC Changes on the way

I realised that there’s a few things need sorting on the SSC so the next version will be along soon.

I’ve added the planet navigation feature to give you heading based on start and end lat./long.

The functionality around the applications to launch needs some fixing.  Adding a new app can pick up a previous entry rather than starting from blanks, which is wrong.  It was also not updating the xml file properly when an entry was deleted.

I’ve also realised that the ‘body’ found on startup might be wrong because (for some unknown reason) FD have used ‘body’ and ‘bodyname’ for the same thing depending on the event.  Not sure what to do about that yet.


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SSC 1.4.4

I’ve fixed a bug on the SSC around how the system and body names are acquired from the log file so that it better handles different situations.

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