ScreenShotChanger 1.1.6 Released

I’m happy with ScreenShotChanger v1_1_6 after doing some more testing.  It can now startup automatically and minimise to keep out of your way.  All the changes and the more recent versions are available through the SSC Change log.


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  1. Kyle says:

    Hi, I installed SSC but can’t get it to run. The first time I ran it I set all the options and then clicked Close without realizing there was an Enable SSC button above it. I ran it again and reset all the options (they don’t save?) but the Enable SSC button is greyed out. How can I tell if it is running? Is it in the Win services?
    Thanks and regards,

  2. John Latham says:


    It’s true – usability has never been a strength in my programming! 🙂
    If you have completed all the settings correctly then the ‘Enable SSC’ button will not be greyed out any more. Once enabled you can see what it’s doing by clicking on ‘Show Log’. Settings should be saved when you close the settings dialogue, so if they are not then something’s going wrong.
    Where are you running the app from? Have you saved it to a directory that you have full rights to?
    I’ll have a look at putting some info in the dialogue to explain what settings are missing.

    • Kyle says:

      Ok got it going now. Was a big disconnect between how I thought it worked and how it actually does. After a reboot (with the “start with Win” option enabled), it came up with all my settings still there and the Enable SSC button was available to click. What I didn’t realize is that you can’t click Close or it will shut down the program. I thought this was just the configuration utility for it and the program was always running in the background. I thought that’s what the “start with Win” option was for (which I’ve now disabled since there’s no point to starting it prior to game start). Also for some reason I thought it was actually adding the date / name stamp onto the image itself as a graphic, and that’s why there were options for the file type to save. I didn’t realize it only changes the filenames, not the images themselves. Sorry I guess I assumed too much, lol 😛

      • John Latham says:

        Glad you got it working. Yes, it runs as an ‘application’ rather than a service as I wanted it to be as unobtrusive (to the system) as possible. Although I added the ‘start with Windows’ feature on request, which does add to the registry.

        I can’t imagine anyone would actually want the the date/time etc as a stamp in the image itself. If asked I don’t think I would have a hope of actually programming that!

        Anyway, anything that would help with the usability or features then feel free to ask here or over at the elitepve forum

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