About MartianFire

This site is just somewhere to gather my thoughts and maybe gets some feedback on the little applications that I’ve written.  Mainly for my own use but sometimes they come in handy for others.

I’m de Carabas on the elite Dangerous PvE forum, Voz on the main Frontier forum and John in real life.  I’ll answer to any of those names, or more likely I’ll not answer to any of them 🙂


2 Responses to About MartianFire

  1. Bernd says:

    .. Hi there, I wantetd to try yoour screenshot changer, but the downloads does not work.

    • John Latham says:

      I’ve really not looked at this site for far too long. The hosting software versions had got out of sync and the link from the changelog should work now.
      However – I’ve not looked at the application for quite some time and it might be that the log file format changes from Dangerous are different and my app might not work anymore. Feel free to try it. If there’s interest in it still and I can find the time then I’m up for trying to correct it if there are issues.

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