ScreenShotChanger is an application that I’m writing prompted by Hawk Eye an Elite: Dangerous player.  He was asking for an in-game feature that would allow the current system to be part of the name of a screen shot taken within the game.

Originally the current system was recorded in the netlog*.log files for the game and I decided to have a look at an application that would monitor for a new screen shot, grab the current system (and body) and then rename the saved image in the format wanted. The app now gets this information from the players Journal files.

  • ScreenShotChange handles both screenshots and video captures and allows for the renaming based upon regular expressions.  It can be set to start-up with Windows and auto-minimise etc.
  • The app can also be configured to run the other applications that you might want to start with Elite: Dangerous.
  • You can configure a sound to play to confirm the capture has occured without leaving the game
  • Test feature to help with planet navigation (gives your required heading)
  • various assorted little settings for convenience


The version history and download links are in the change log