SSC Change Log

Below are the changes made to the ScreenShotChanger application.

All downloads available here

v 1.5.8
Corrected the variables for naming video files saved (it was using the one for pictures!).
Updated the main screen layout in an attempt to make it more logical.

v 1.5.7
Corrected some issues with parsing the log file for labels.
Changed some logic for cleaning labels for invalid characters for file names.

v 1.5.6
Corrected some issues with the new Planet Navigation calculations.
Added directional arrows to aid the heading needed.

v 1.5.5
Updated Planet Navigation to take heading information from the status.json file.
Updated the layout of Planet Navigation and made available as an overlay in-game.

v 1.5.4
Fixing previous issues with screenshots I broke video captures. Should be working again now.

v 1.5.3
Fixed an issue with creation of subdirectory for screenshots for Beta versions.
Added substitution variables for the Latitude (%f) and Longitude (%g) if available.

v 1.5.2
Found another invalid character issue while visiting a system with a ‘*’ in the name. Fixed it.

v 1.5.1
Added option to have the Commander name and ship type as part of the saved image and video names.
Improved the way that the Journal file is read.

v 1.5.0
Fix to the Planet Navigation function to allow for the lack of radius input.

v 1.4.8
Changes to allow for the new event of SystemsShutDown caused by Alien encounter

v 1.4.7
Fixed minimising of the application to the notification area (if set in the options).

v 1.4.6
Added the ability to vary the compression used for jpg images. Default is 50. High quality (and size) is 100, low quality is 0 (and is possibly pointless).

v 1.4.5
Found and fixed an issue relating to sub-directory creation.
Added functionality to calculate the heading needed for planet navigation based on start and end latitude and longitude

v 1.4.4
Fixed the issue with grabbing the system and body names from the journal in different situations (new log file, screenshot not taken yet, screenshot taken etc)

v 1.4.3

    • Changed label for replacing spaces in names for screenshots – also made sure it applies to the ‘body’ as well as the ‘system’
    • Corrected the logic for detecting if the game was running
    • Fixed a Journal copy/search issue when first started up.

v 1.4.2

    • Changed the method of grabbing the system to use the new Journal, rather than the netlog files
    • Added the option to also use the ‘body’ information in the renaming.
    • Removed options around verbose logging checking and adding as I don’t use it anymore.
    • Changed the way of adding applications to load up so that they are in table form and then exported to xml. You can run as many as you want, although it will be a slow start up for you!
    • Added the option to detect if running a Beta version of the game to allow saving of screenshots in a different directory.

v 1.3.2
Added additional error handling on file copy to find an issue reported.

v 1.3.1
Fixed the grabbing of system name after logfile format change in 2.1

v 1.3.0
Added option to specify .wav to play to confirm capture and conversion of screenshots and videos.
Improved logic around searching for logfiles to stop the chance of never ending loop.

v 1.2.9
Fixed start directory for external applications.

v 1.2.8
Added option to run up to four other programs when the SSC starts.

v 1.2.7
Fix for finding systems that have brackets in the name.

v 1.2.6
<internal test release>

v 1.2.5
Added new logfile of screenshots taken – shotlog.txt

v 1.2.4
Further fix to appconfig.xml detection

v 1.2.3
Fixes to appconfig.xml detection
Renaming a checkbox for autostart.

v 1.2.2
You now need to specify the path to the ED Launcher as it looks like it’s not the same in all cases.
You can specify that a sound is played when a screenshot or video is captured.  Very simplistic for now

v 1.2.1
More checking for the remembered location on start-up
Change so that you can’t ‘start’ the application with settings open
Changes to identify different versions of the game running (32 or 64 bit)
Started implementation to auto-run the default game from the launcher.  Not reliable yet.
Changed startup location logic so that SSC hopefully is visible at the start in all situations.
Changed formatting for %H in names to have leading zero on single digit hours.

v 1.2.0

Added option in settings to start the Elite: Dangerous launcher when the SSC runs.

v 1.1.9
Added option to check that verbose logging is set and to add it if missing.
Corrected the remembering of ‘screenshots’, ‘videos’ or ‘both’
Adjusted the behaviour of minimise – still not happy with it but it’s better.
Updated icons and started changing the icon to show the state.

v 1.1.8
Added checks for Elite: Dangerous running. Messages logged. Can help after sleep or hibernate.
Changed the logic used at startup for auto-enable and auto-minimise.

v 1.1.7
Revamped the main screen and settings in an attempt to make it more intuitive.
Hopefully fixed an occasional issue with the app not minimising on start when it should.
Added a few more messages to the log so it’s clearer what’s going on.

v 1.1.6
Added auto enable and auto minimise options at startup.
Further bugfixes and error handling around logfile copying

Moved to Visual Studio Community 2015 (.net framework 4.6)
Added – option to create a subdirectory for each system found. This can be used to keep screenshots & videos nicely organised
Added a few retries when copying the netlog file – might help if errors are due to timing.

Bugfix – corrected the remembering of run at windows start
Added default regex strings.

Bugfix on remembering selected datetime to use in settings

Added extra time options for renaming (in game datetime and file creation datetime)
Added option for copying/renaming avi files as well as mp4 under video settings
New naming parameter added to allow capitalisation of system name.
Fixed a bug relating to finding new log files

Minor bug fixes

Complete redesign to enable the name changing for Video’s as well as screenshots.
Added option to remember screen location
Added option to start on Windows boot
Added ‘regular expression’ like naming options for output files. Note: where this would cause a duplicate an incrementing number is added to the name.
Fixed the calculation of file sizes for the output log.
All invalid characters for file names are stripped out to allow saving.
Added notification area icon for access to settings or to ‘hide’/’reveal’ the application.

Added saving of output log to a file in the same directory as the .exe (Outputlog.txt)
Settings should persist through version upgrades (after this one).
Version number added to main window

Yet more error checking at startup with old log files.
Added more explanation for errors to the output log
Enabled the minimise button.

Added size of input and output images to the log for comparison.
Changed the way the app looks for old log files when first enabled (should sort some odd errors).

Updated checking for log file creation (may still be an issue for Steam users?)
Changed the order of some of the output messages to be more logical.

Bug-fix to logic to cope with different input image types
Added some logging to help users to explain future issues (you can show a text control with details that can be CTRL+C’d).

Added ability to specify .png and .jpg as input files (to support 3rd party screen capture tools)
Rearranged the form controls to (hopefully) be more logical.
A few minor logic changes

Added further error handling
Corrected some logic errors
Removed some superfluous code

Added option to save the output image to a different directory.

Added option to delete the original bmp created by the game.

Added a delay in processing of High Resolution images to allow game to release it.
Added change list text box

Initial version