New bugs to squish

Just capturing here that there are a couple of issues reported by D4RK5T4R

  1. Two check boxes in options are labelled ‘Start with Windows’.  The text on one has somehow changed from ‘Start Minimised’ which is what it was.  No idea how
  2. If you click on the ‘check’ button in the Verbose Log section of the options it can pick-up the wrong path to the appconfig.xml.  This is a data binding issue.

I’ll sort both of these this evening.


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New SSC and some requests

Version 1.2.2 is now available.  I’ve changed it so that you need to specify the path to the ED Launcher, improved checking for the correct path.  I’ve also added a simple audio feedback that a screenshot/video was captured.  Other changes requested are

1.  Add option for mp3 sounds
2. Text-to-Speech
3. Skin chooser (an Elite style black/orange would be cool)
4. Auto-detect file locations (For logs, appconfig.xml and EDlauncher)

Some of these are more feasible than others.  I’ll take a look at some point.

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ScreenShotChanger 1.2.1 Released

1.2.1 is available, download here and change log here

A bunch of fixes added.  The one bit I was really hoping to sort was to have the SSC not only start up the EDLauncher (which works fine) I wanted to have it actually start the default game.  The ongoing issue is the time taken taken for the EDLauncher to finish loading especially on first boot up of machine.  Until it’s completed loading it doesn’t respond to the commands, so at the moment I would have to choose an arbitrary default ‘pause’ time which isn’t going to work for everyone.  Still looking.

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New SSC on the way

I’m working on version 1.2.1.  A reported bug with saving of the setting to auto-minimise has been squashed and a request to have the game auto run is nearly sorted.

I can have the SSC run the ED Launcher and I’m fine-tuning the timing for when to send an ‘enter’ to it so that it then simulates the clicking of ‘Play’ (or ‘Upgrade’ I guess) on the top entry in the list.  It’s currently working fine on the second attempt, once the game etc has been started and stopped.  Not working yet on the first boot and login on a machine.

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ScreenShotChanger 1.2.0 released

New version available.  See the changelog for the download link.

The SSC can now be set to start the Elite launcher (if it’s not already running).

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ScreenShotChanger 1.1.9 released

New version out there.  See the changelog for what’s new and for the download link.

Still not happy with the behaviour of the application when trying to get it to minimise to the notification area – something to work on.

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Further thoughts for the SSC

Wondering about some more changes for the SSC

  1. I could give the option to have the appconfig.xml file location specified in options and (when the app starts) I could then check the config to make sure verbose logging is enabled and add it if needed.  This would only help if the SSC starts before Elite: Dangerous as I think the game would need to be restarted for it to take effect (need to check).  Also I wouldn’t want to default this behaviour as it might conflict with appconfiglocal.xml if used.
  2. I could have the application monitor for the start of the elitedangerous32.exe process and then enable itself.  Still thinking through the logic on this one because if the application is running to monitor for the process, it might as well be enabled to check for new images and videos already!
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Another update to the SSC

Version 1.1.8 of the SSC is available, see the change log for changes and download link.

Basically, after some trouble shooting help from Lion Freeman, I’ve added some more trouble shooting for the startup and tweaked some related logic.  There still appear to be occasional issues for users that hibernate/sleep their machines with the app not ‘waking up’ properly.  I’ve tried a few additional checks etc but if anyone has any experience with apps that have issues with this please drop me a comment!


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ScreenShotChanger 1.1.7 Released

I’ve had a go at changing the ScreenShotChanger main screen and settings to make it more intuitive.  For the changelog see here

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Time for some SSC tweaks

I’ve had ScreenShotChanger refuse to minimise on start-up a couple of times when everything is set up correctly.  I think there’s a need to play with the timing.

Also given the feedback on the usability I’m going to look at more useful feedback on getting all the settings in to make it clearer what’s needed and/or missing.

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